Voting FAQs

Voters with disabilities

Information to assist those with disabilities to facilitate their right to vote.

Can I vote if I'm in prison, parole or a felon

A person sentenced for a felony, from the time of his sentence until his final discharge may not vote in an election.

Voting as a college student

Voting is a fundamental right and a responsibility of citizens in our democracy. Under Part I, Article 11 of the New Hampshire Constitution, every inhabitant of the State of New Hampshire, who is a...

Can I vote in a primary if I am an undeclared voter?

An undeclared voter may vote in a state primary or a presidential primary. You will be required to choose either a Republican or Democratic ballot when you go to vote.

When is the last day I can register before the state primary election?

September 6, 2016. However, if you miss this date, you may register to vote at the polls on primary election day if you are qualified.

What are the official political parties in the state?

At this time, the official political parties in the State of New Hampshire are the Democratic and Republican parties.

What if my party affiliation that is displayed on the Secretary of State's website is not correct?

Voters should contact their local supervisors of the checklist or town/city clerk.

Where can I look up my voter registration status?

Voters that have provided their date of birth on a voter registration form may go to the Secretary of State's Registered Voter web link . The person must enter

How do I change my party affiliation?

You may change your party affiliation with the clerk of the town or city where you are domiciled or at any scheduled meeting of the supervisors of the checklist